A little about me!

As you can see from the multiple headings and titles... my name is Bridger Jones! This website serves as a way to showcase some of my projects and a little bit about me. I am currently enjoying my time finishing out my degree at Utah State University. I am working on a BS in Computer Science. I love programming lots of different things! You can click the button below to see my full resume and my bio.

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Python Projects

Python is one of my favorite programming languages becuase... well it's easy! It's not only easy but it is versatile and becoming more popular. It's great for making command line tools and web apps!

Java Projects

Java is one of my favorites becuase OOP! I didn't know any Java until going to USU and realizing that one semester of C++ at community college didn't prepare me. It was hard at first but I really like it now.

Unity Projects

Unity is awesome becuase I love video games! This is my most recent venture and has been a fun one!

Yield Financial Advisors

This is one of the websites I created and manage. This site was created with Wix, one of the first ways I learned to create websites.